Cookie Policy

The following policy explains the cookies used by FutureMedia LTD., hereinafter known as the Company, and the ways in which cookies are employed and the different categories of cookies used.

All Users of the FutureMedia website, hereinafter referred to as the Website, must read and accept this cookie policy to be able to access all areas of the Website.

Here, we explain the definition of cookies as used by the Company on the Website, how they are applied to facilitate use of the Website and what kinds of cookies have different functions.

What are Cookies?

Using the Website will generate cookies, small transferable files of data which facilitate the use and navigation of the Website. These fragments of information are collected while a User has an open session on the Website and cease to gather data when that session is closed.

Cookies are employed to obtain various types of information in order to improve the operations of the Website and to develop the User experience. They are stored on the hard disk of a User’s computer or other device and are used by the Company to offer a better service via the Website.

The cookies employed by the Website do not harm a User’s device and occupy a minimum space in the device memory.

No personal details will be linked to the memorized data collected by cookies without the express consent of the User.

Use of Cookies by FutureMedia

There are different categories of cookies which are used by the Company to comply with the services we offer and improve general navigation access on the Website.

These types include technical cookies, personalization cookies, analytical and third-party cookies, and finally behavioral and advertising cookies. Each have varying functions that allow the Company to gather information to enable easier and more intuitive use of the Website.

Technical cookies allow the User to navigate the Website easily by storing information previously introduced by the User such as profile data, registration details and social network accesses.

Personalization cookies establish predefined characteristics from different criteria such as ensuring to remember the preferred language or regional settings from a User’s browser.

Analytical and Third-Party Cookies involve platforms that allow the Company to collect statistics about their audience and Users’ behavior in order to analyze the quality of the Website, services and products offered. The main third-party cookies that we host on the Website are Google Analytics, with headquarters in the US.

Finally, behavioral and advertising cookies generated either by the Website or third-parties allow for a coherent and systematized management of our Web and the advertising space allowed. Advertising profiles are established by evaluating Users’ browsing habits and other memorized data.

Acceptance of FutureMedia Cookies

Most devices generally have predetermined settings to accept cookies on all websites although the User always has the ability to disable the use of cookies from his or her device’s settings. Doing so can eliminate the possibility of accessing certain services or areas of the Website. Some functions if not all will become unavailable when disabling cookies.

By making use of the Website, the User is acknowledging this Cookie Policy and accepts the application of cookies as detailed herein and also confirms the acceptance of the FutureMedia Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Each User can change their own browser settings without the need to contact the Website they choose to access.

However, if you have any questions about the use of cookies on the FutureMedia Website, you can contact us at