Do you ever wonder how we get our business in front of thousands of potential customers?

Maybe you've seen ads that really stick out from the rest and got your attention...

Our main focus in SEM is to stand out from competitors by choosing the best targets and writing the most attractive ads.

What do we do?

A really important part of our job is to define the best-converting landing pages with UX, front-end developers and translators. But there's more:
  • Prepare briefings for designers to create compelling banners
  • Analyze performance on a daily basis to identify trends and insights from campaigns
  • Use various tools to find new keywords and expand our scope
  • Investigate new search engines or ways to reach our customers at the optimal price

How we do it all

To help us reach our objectives, the FutureMedia SEM department uses several tools that let us recognize opportunities and have an impact on our work and the results.

The tools at our disposal include:

What else do we do?

We analyze, we market, we advertise, we code, we generate, we build. Name it, we do it. The real question is: is there something we donĀ“t do? Check out our services below!